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Materials and manufacturing

Where does the jewelry come from?

VAN DEN ABEELE jewelry is entirely handmade by carefully chosen artisans whose know-how remains unrivaled.

The ethics of stone sourcing and jewelry manufacturing are fundamental values ​​at VAN DEN ABEELE.

The stones are mostly sourced in India and are chosen for their purity and brilliance. They are exploited in their entirety, according to an artisanal and eco-friendly process.

  • Our precious stones

    The Sapphires, diamonds or fine stones of each jewel come from the same raw stone, selected for the intensity of its color and its natural sparkles. Because they are natural, the shades and sizes of the stones can vary from one jewel to another, making the latter a unique piece.

  • 18 carat gold

    The gold in our jewelry is entirely recycled, so we offer you innovative, ethical and personalized jewelry that preserves the limited resources of our beautiful planet.

Is your jewelry fragile?

Carefully crafted by our Parisian artisans from quality materials and stones, our creations are guaranteed for 1 year.

However, a precious piece of jewelry is an object that will pass through your life, and which it is essential to take care of. We invite you to avoid contact with water, detergents, or even perfume which can alter precious stones.

Tailor-made & personalization

Do you carry out special orders outside of the catalogue?

Yes, we are totally prepared to create a tailor-made creation. We adapt all our models to your size, we can also make pieces in the colors of your choice. We are at your disposal to design your jewelry according to your wishes: custom bracelet size; combination of unique precious stones; link color; special occasions. Contact us via our form .

Can I see the final rendering of a personalized piece of jewelry?

For your personalized orders, we can of course send you photos of the model stage of the manufacturing in question.

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