Size guide

How do I know my size?

In France, the ring size is the value of the circumference of the inside of your ring, expressed in millimeters. This is also the value of your finger size. So if your finger size is 5.2 centimeters, your ring size is 52.

This video shows you how to perform this measurement:

Another solution which requires printing while checking that the print is 100% so that your measurements are not distorted.

  • Search for a ring sizer in Google image with the term ring sizer. Print the ring sizer, paying attention to the printing scale.
  • Superimpose the measuring ring on the circles of the ring sizer.
  • Once the inside of the ring fits exactly with one of the circles of the ring sizer, it is the latter which tells you the size of said ring.

Where can I find a size guide?

To find out your size and its equivalent in US sizes, please refer to our table below.